Discover The  First Modern Contemporary Chicken Coop
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Specially designed for urban landscaped gardens!
The most natural way to enjoy
fresh eggs every morning! 
Imagine being able to simply walk outside your door and pick ip some fresh eggs to make your family breakfast. 
Specially designed for landscaped gardens:
Combines nature and modern life
FRESH EGGS is a modern chicken coop twist on traditional chicken coop.

This aesthetically-pleasing coop is designed to fit in your backyard or garden with ease, providing you fresh, natural, bio tasty eggs every morning.

Fun Factoid : Did you know that two chickens can produce up to 500 fresh eggs per year ?
In addition to being a visually attractive home for your egg laying hens, it is also environmentally friendly.

FRESH EGGS serves as a recycling unit for up to 300kg of organic waste! This will reduce the amount of garbage produced and also contribute to a positive global ecological impact.
Enjoy the first chicken coop that can integrate in a landscape garden.
Fresh Eggs Modern Chicken Coop Features
The first contemporary chicken coop
The chicken coop reinvented!
We developed our unique chicken coop to meet user's multiple needs and expectations by accommodating and contributing to : modern life specifications, exclusive design, personal health care  and environmental respect.
FRESH EGGS is the new generation Chicken Coop that allows you to:
  •  Enjoy up to 500 tasty eggs/year in a convenient, easily accessible location.
  •  House up to two chickens.
  •  Be an environmentally-conscious citizen by recycling up to 300 kilos of organic waste per year.
    • Be an environmentally-conscious citizen by recycling up to 300 kilos of organic waste per year
We care about chickens. As a farming technique, egg laying has evolved as it relates to respecting the animal while producing a quality egg.

Through using FRESH EGGS as a way to farm eggs we can be a positive role model that ultimately will be part of a global change of how we obtain food.
An eco friendly product
As an eco-friendly chicken coop, one of our priority was to obtain an environmental low impact throughout its development. One way we assure this is by wood or recycled wood are exclusively used in our product. This prefabricated hen house is mainly build with Ccedar. Cedar was also chosen for its strength and durability.
Our choices in construction materials reduce environmental impact and are 100% recyclable.
The wood can be color customized as well, adding FRESH EGGS contemporary style. 
Fresh Eggs Modern Chicken Coop Story
"From a missed gift to an unique chicken coop" 
Our experienced team of developers include animal experts, talented designers and inventive carpenters. This collaborative work is unique and generate exceptional ideas.
The pentagon shape of the FRESH EGGS coop was inspired from classic fence wire mesh with shaped hexagon. It's a little wink to tradition.
We believe in being socially responsible. In doing so, we can help create an environmentally friendly word through our actions and make a difference through education.
We also offer an unbeatable proposal : you can either pre-order the FRESH EGGS coop as a wooden mounting kit or build it yourself by pre-ordering our blueprints! With the blueprints  you can build one or several FRESH EGGS modern chicken coops by yourself for your family!
Fresh Eggs is compact and designed in an aesthetically pleasing way to compliment any garden or yard area.
Here's how it works!
Our backyard chicken coop has in 2 main modules :
  •  Enjoy up to 500 tasty eggs/year in a convenient, easily accessible location.
  •  House up to two chickens.
  •  Be an environmentally-conscious citizen by recycling up to 300 kilos of organic waste per year.
    • Be an environmentally-conscious citizen by recycling up to 300 kilos of organic waste per year
The nesting and perch area provides access to pick up eggs and for easy different checks. It could be used with our exclusive living area or coupled with an adapted classic fence for chickens.
Module 1 : Nesting and perch area
Module 2 : Living area
The living area has been created for limited and restricted spaces, yet there are  no compromises for aesthetic and animal comfort. It adjusts perfectly to module 1.
All the parts of the coop are easily moved and adapt to the environment of the hens (we call them "The Girls" or "Les Filles" in french). The living area can also be opened to your garden if you choose.
Your Girls will love FRESH EGGS adaptable and attractive chicken coop. 
Customize you own backyard chicken coop
Fresh Eggs is a fully customizable quality prefabricated chicken coop.This exclusive hen house is delivered in cedar natural aspect. You can varnish it or apply your favorite colors or pattern on it.

Let your creativity flow!

During our collaborative design process we learned that users wanted a DIY chicken coop option. We have found technical solutions to provide you our blueprints : plans and techniques delivered to your home. The drawings are edited on paper in scale 1:1 for easy cutting and assembly.
Our Team
We are a company with big dreams.

We hope to introduce Fresh Eggs to people who fancy nature, live in our contemporary word and make a change by engaging in action. The internet is the ideal platform to reach a diverse group of people that are interested in on creative products and appreciate innovative design.

Your contribution to the planet is essential! From those who live in house with gardens to those who live an apartment with a condominium to parents or grand-parents who want to transmit values… Fresh Eggs can fit easily into your life. We want also want help you if you want do build your own Fresh Eggs Modern Chicken Coop all by yourself.

Thank you for helping to make our dreams a reality. We’d love to hear your feedback, so please give us your thoughts and send us a message.
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